3.2.4. Digitizing Detailed Geometry as Drainage Channel General

You can add a polygon to a wastewater structure just with drawing a simple line. The function creates a rectangle from the line with a width of 20cm. This is specially useful for manholes with function drainage channel. Digitizing tool

  • Select the vw_qgep_wastewater_structure layer

  • Use the Identify features tool on the object to which you want to add a drainage channel geometry

  • Right click the object and select the vw_qgep_wastewater_structure layer

  • Choose Digitize Drainage Channel

  • You can now start digitizing: draw a simple line with two clicks.

  • The polygon is created in the od_wastewater_structure layer

An other way is to open the vw_qgep_wastewater_structure form with the info tool and then choose Digitize Drainage Channel in the Actions menu of the form.