1. TEKSI wastewater module (QGEP)

TEKSI wastewater module (project name: QGEP) is a selection of tools and a database implementation that allows you to:

  • manage and map your sewer network data with all its components in compliance with Swiss standards

  • indicate the characteristics of networks objects in the form of attributes such as diameter, material, depth, damages, construction year, etc.

  • produce plans and extract statistics from the database such as network values, total length of pipes, identification of future interventions, etc.

  • export geodata in compliance with Swiss standards

1.1. Main features

Network objects

Creation, information and management of network elements according to the VSA-DSS model:

  • Wastewater structures

  • Special structures

  • Primary collectors

  • Secondary collectors (ex : private connection)

  • Catchments

  • GEP mesures

  • Maintenances

  • Network inspection (VSA-DSS model extension VSA-KEK)

Viewing and editing

A preconfigured QGIS project including the symbology, the forms and the relation between the objets is provided.

The editing can be done directly using the QGIS natives tools and the QGEP complementary toolbox (ex : inversion of the direction of the pipes and its related altitudes).


Documents, pictures and videos can be linked to the network elements.

Networks following tools

Network topology management:

  • Topology creation between pipes, structures and catchments

  • Upstream and downstream network tracking tools (water drop)

  • Length profiles display

Mapping and statistics production

  • Map production with pre-configured layout

  • Serial plotting of structures protocole

  • Statistics production on all or part of the network

Data import

  • Field survey import tools [specific development in progress]

  • Data survey with a mobile device and semi-automatic insertion of the informations

  • Data import in INTERLIS format

Data export

  • Direct connection with the network simulating software SWMM (Storm Water Management Model)

  • Data export in CAD (dxf) and GIS format (all open data formats)

  • Data export in interlis format


  • Modifications history viewer and possibility to roll back

1.2. More to come

  • Automatic integration of pipe inspection according to Wincan VX and VSA-DSS KEK format

  • GEP mesures

  • Log Cards (log_card, bio_ecol_assessment and catchment_area_totals)