3.3.3. Adding or Editing of Maintenance Events

This represents a guide on how to add or edit maintenance event data in QGEP. General

  • Maintenance events can be connected to one structure or to many. Therefore QGEP uses a intermediary RE_table to model the n:m relationship (re_maintenance_event_wastewater_structure)

  • To avoid an error when adding a new Maintenance Event, you have to enable Buffered Transaction Groups in menu Project > Transaction mode Adding a new Maintenance Event

  • Enable the edit mode.

  • With the Identify Features tool you can select wastewater_structures or reaches by selecting their corresponding layer (vw_qgep_wastewater_structure or vw_qgep_reach).

  • The respective form will open. Change to the Maintenance tab.

  • Create a new maintenance event with the Add child feature button.

  • Edit the new record in the vw_qgep_maintenance form, then click OK

../../_images/maintenance_new_record_saved.jpg Editing

  • Do as described in adding - but just edit existing maintenance events. Or edit the vw_qgep_maintenance table (layer group inspection) Multi Edit

There is in the moment no tool to create or to link a maintenance event to a selection of reaches or wastewater structures. If you open the form in multi edit mode, the Maintenance tab is empty. Multi edit with linked tables is not implemented in QGIS.