7.8. Run SWMM Simulation

7.8.1. Run a simulation from SWMM interface

You can open the .inp file with SWMM and run the simulation from the interface.

7.8.2. Run a simulation with command line


7.8.3. Run a simulation with QGEP-SWMM

The path to the SWMM executable must be set in the Processsing tools options. The plugin will launch the command line in the background.

Launch SWMM Execute:

  • INP file: the .inp file generated during the previous step

  • RPT file: the output report file .rpt containing the results (summary and full time serie)

7.8.4. Common running errors

The list of errors can be found here

  • ERROR 211: invalid number -XXX at line XXX of [JUNC] section:: A negative number is provided for the depth. Change the value in QGEP or in the .inp file.