2.2. Setup database server

If you expect to access the data from several different workstations, you can install the database on a network accessible server. If it is just a single desktop you are working on, this can be installed on the same machine.

2.2.1. Required Software Server installation

  • Install PostgreSQL (>=9.6)

  • Install PostGIS (>=2.4)

        1. by using the (Application) Stack Builder shipped with the EnterpriseDB version of posgreSQL on Windows and macOS


The following instructions are optional:

In a single desktop environment (no network database server) you can setup your database to trust local connections.

This way, the database won’t ask for a password if you’re connecting from your local workstation while no password is written anywhere. You even can do with no database password at all.

This can be done by editing the database access configuration file pg_hba.conf and set the auth-options from md5 to trust. A database service reload is required to activate changes.

To optimise RAM size etc. of your machine postgreSQL is running on you can use pgtune. Adapt your postgresql.conf file.