4.2. User Roles

QGEP comes with a set of predefined roles for a multi user configuration.

The base installation of QGEP defines the following group roles :

  • qgep_viewer: has the rights for project consultation, can select entities of QGEP, view values lists.

  • qgep_user: main QGEP user, can edit entities (qgep_od schema), view values lists.

  • qgep_manager: user of QGEP with extended privileges, can edit entities and values lists (qgep_vl schema).

  • qgep_sysadmin: superuser of QGEP database, can edit QGEP system tables (qgep_sys schema).

Data in QGEP are stored in 3 schemas with default permissions for all of these users.


The SQL related to these roles is stored here and here