6.3. Match channels

To import the inspection data, the inspected channels have to be matched with the QGEP channels. This process can be done semi-automatically or manually. As long as channels are not matched to existing data, they will be highlighted in red in the main table.

6.3.1. Automatic matching

An automatic matching can be performed by looking for a pattern in manhole identifiers. Enter a channel identifier in the corresponding field, and the plugin will search for the channels connecting the manhole as follows: {channel_id} - {manhole_id} (the manhole id being taken from the inspection data).

6.3.2. Manual matching

Manual matching can be performed as follows:

  1. Select the desired channel in the table

  2. In the first channel widget, click on the Select on map button

  1. Find and click on the corresponding channel on the map.

  2. The channel ID is now listed and the line in the table is not highlighted anymore.


6.3.3. Skipping channels or observations

If you want to skip some of the inspected channels, they simply need to be unchecked in the channel table and similarly for observations.